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Okay I know I should have posted this last week, but well the adrenaline was still flying so yeah, I waited until the rush went down a bit to get this up.

Traveler Wanted is one step closer to being more of a travel blog! Which was touch and go there for a little bit. Mostly because I didn’t trust the housemate’s car to make it out of the city let alone anywhere cool. But well that died. A horrible horrible death. Luckily no one was hurt and I did make it home safely before hand. But that had me scramble that day for something else.

Meet my baby. She’s not as old as my dream car, but she is the right color (sort of) 1999 Suzuki Grand Vitara, (My dream is to own a 1979 Toyota Landcruiser, and the story why will be in another post) that drives like a dream and has my head above headlight level! So I no longer have to wear my sunglasses at night, which really isn’t a cool look anyway in my honest opinion.

Now I just have to start going through my lists of places to visit so I can start checking some of them off. I might get dragged around to places not on the list too, only because well, what’s the fun of having a car to explore in, and not explore?

So, hope you enjoyed this brief update. I’m going to go work on the list, start narrowing things down so that I can decide on a good place to go after I get off work Saturday morning, since as I write this I stayed home from work and am making up for it on my day off this week, so I have the cash to you know pay off the baby.

So, I’ll talk to you all again later! Until then, have a blessed life!


The wildflower – Or why I chose to grow my hair into dreadlocks.

I remember sitting in my Japanese class many, many years ago. We were asked to choose a Japanese name for ourselves in the class. And I chose ‘Wildflower’ (Kanako) because I didn’t feel like I belonged there.

Part of this was because I was one of those kids in high school that while I had friends, I was an outsider. An observer, something that has come in handy for writing actually, and people watching is still one of my favorite hobbies. And I don’t mean it in a creepy stalker kind of way, just that even being semi-anti social, I can find peace in a crowd, or off to the side, just watching what people are doing. I know, it’s weird.

Anyway! Let’s fast forward about sixteen years (I know I’m old), and in one of my fits of depression, I find a few grey hairs. Something that would easily be fixed with some hair color, but I’m kind of bored of dying my hair now, and I want to show the world how messed up I am inside on the outside.

Mind you I’ve wanted dreadlocks since that young teen sitting in her Japanese class learning Katakana and Hirogana, who never quite mastered reading or writing Kanji, and learning about the culture (Which I am still in love with mind you. I have two bento boxes which I try to make traditional meals in when I can). I’ve done research on ways to start them, what you need to keep them healthy, and all that. I also know the issues that can come up because let’s face it I’m a white girl. My normal shade is dead fish, which is lighter than paper, sunlight is not my friend… And many people out there would say I’m doing the culture appropriation thing by doing dreadlocks.

In all my research it wasn’t really stated that the locks are just one culture, all hair types can do dreadlocks, it’s just harder for some to get them to form. And my hair type… One of the hardest to get the locks to form.


I went to get a dreadlock kit, which is a plastic rat tail comb and a ‘crochet hook’, which really it’s one of the hooks you use for latch hook rugs not crochet, but the crafter in me decided okay I’ll go with it since that’s what they call it. On a whim, since one of the sites I read said flea combs you can get at the pet store work better, the metal teeth on the comb doesn’t break as easily after all, I went to get a couple of those as well. Figured I’d see which style I liked more.

The crochet method, I tried really, but it felt like i t was too damaging, maybe I was just doing it wrong, but I didn’t care for it after about an hour on one lock. So I went twist and rip, back combing with the metal comb. Fifteen hours later I had started my dreadlock journey.

Since then I’m on my third job, the first one I left because back issues that were starting and the fact that my co workers were a little hostile towards me because of the locks (Let me see how shallow people can be, seriously I was asked to do two drug tests in the three months I was there because they associate dreads on white people with drug use. Hardest drug I’ve ever done is coffee and a few drinks now and then. Second job I left because ugh hated coming home and feeling like I needed a decon shower. This one, even though it’s harder work than the previous two I enjoy, and I did ask the day I was hired if my locks would be a problem. I was told no and introduced to several co-workers who have them so, the whole feel of the place is more relaxed and openminded, which is cool.

The little wildflower isn’t feeling as much of a weed, growing in the wrong place anymore, even if I do get the comments about ‘why would you do that to your hair’, or… “When are you going to shave it all off?”

One: I’m showing how a mess can turn into beauty. Two: I’m not shaving it off. I’m a year and three months into the process right now, and I feel more liberated with this hairstyle than I ever have before. So, the locks are going to stay.

And not to mention, they are more eco friendly, I don’t wash them every day, and don’t use harsh chemicals on them, which is better for the environment. If that makes me a hippy then fine I’m a hippy.

Only downside I’ve had with them, is they take longer to dry, and going swimming, getting out of the water it feels like I have an extra few pounds on my head, and my locks are only shoulder length, so that feeling is only going to get a little worse as they get longer, but I feel it’s a small price for how free I feel lately.

Travelling will be easier with this style too. A bar of solid shampoo lasts me about six months, and as far as I can see, no restrictions for that when travelling, and the ones I use, have no harsh chemicals, they’re fully organic, so they’re safe to rinse away even if I’m out camping near a river (Though I would still only rinse them in a bowl and pour the water on the ground not in the river, but still). The bar is also about the size of my palm, which means I’m not having to lug a large bottle in my bag, which could open and spill over my clothes. The sea salt spray I use, is in a small spray bottle that is clear, and only herbs mixed into it are to keep away bugs (Because that’s one thing I’m a little paranoid of, but a little tea tree and eucalyptus deals with it and makes my hair smell better than any of the hair sprays I used to use). So yeah, there’s not much else I would need to grab on a long trip, at least for hair care. Not like I need a brush or comb to take up space, and hair bands, I usually have one on my wrist (I know not a good look), at least until they’re long enough to use some locks to tie them back. The bandanas I use will look cute in the longer locks too.

So yeah, that’s why I have dreads. And one of these days I’ll start remembering to take more selfies in daylight hours for when I’m posting in the early hours of the morning.

Matta Ne!


Life, or something like it.

So, I should be getting some sleep before I go to work, but this idea just wouldn’t leave my head, so…

I’m sharing it with you. Aren’t I nice?

First off, sorry that there was no post last week, my brain decided to go on vacation and forgot to tell me about it. Though from what it tells me, I didn’t miss much. Other than political stuff, that I refuse to get into on this blog. This is a no politics zone!

And for the idea stuck in my head, well, I’ve realized that as much as I feel stuck lately. Things are looking up. Just wish I lived a little closer to work so I can get other things done, but hopefully that will change soon. Things are looking up, and in a way, I’ll admit I’m a little scared, when things go right, it’s usually when I seem to muck it up.

This time, I’m determined to keep that from happening. I’m not going back in my turtle shell, even though it’s where I feel like going.

And while I don’t have advice for that, I hope that you all, tough things out as well, we all bottom out, we just have to continue to do our best. And those who feel there’s no way out, trust me, things get better. And I’m willing to be here to support you if you need someone. Be it privately, or in comments publicly.

Love an Peace



Do you have to be an asshole to survive in this world?

According to an ex-coworker, that’s the case.  You can’t get anywhere without being an ass.  Though, I really don’t believe that at all.  I believe that if you are nice, or at least try to be nice you can get further than being an ass.

Might also be the reason why that co-worker happens to be working somewhere for 9 bucks an hour, and pulling 12 hour shifts, seeming to avoid going home to see her kids, and I’m now working a job that’s better pay, less hours and even though it’s just as physically demanding as the last job, I don’t come home every morning from work feeling like I need a decontamination shower.

I also have time to do things that I want to do, that isn’t work related.  Meaning I can chill on a Saturday morning, write this post, and listening to podcasts that I’ve didn’t have time to listen to on the way home or to work.

But again, it gives me time to think.  What brought me to write this post?

At work on friday morning, two people that I talked to in passing, came up to me before we left work, to talk to me, a quiet new girl, who was working her butt off to keep up with the boys, only because I know I’m slow as hell removing cans from the tray to the belt on that line (Mind you I was doing quiet well at it, and a day later I am still not sore from the work.  I’m taking that as a win and that if I get stuck on that line again I’m doing the same thing, anyway…). The two came up to talk to me and told me something that I really don’t see in my self if I’m honest to all of you.

They said I was nice like they were.  The pair, had been nice to me since I’ve started, so have others, and I’m convinced you don’t have to be a jerk or ass to survive this world.  I’m not saying you have to be pushed around.  You need to know when to choose your fights, a lesson that I’m still learning how to do, but you don’t have to bully people.

Hell, friends of mine have said I have the patience of a saint before and I don’t see it.  I have just learned when to let my anger loose.  Or I just bottle it up until my exploding point and do something foolish, like quit a job that was stressing me out because of the hostility that was aimed indirectly at me (and really that was for a stupid reason.  Yeah.  I’m growing dreadlocks, I’m a white girl, and they’re not perfectly neat.  People get over it!  I am doing them the way I am for a reason).

Mind you the pair that told me that had another reason to talk to me, because of gossip they had overheard about me.  I’m glad they told me honestly, it’s something that I had heard before, so I’m letting it roll off my back, but wish that the people talking about me would tell it to my face and not gossip.  One, it’s cowardly, and two… I like to resolve issues in person, not through secondary or third hand sources.

Guess this post today is a general, ‘get it off my chest’ deal.  Though if it helps someone out there, I don’t mind sharing with you.

Hope you all have a great week, and please, share kindness and love.  There is enough hate in this world, let’s try to turn it around.



Well that’s done..

Plans that I had for this weekend were shot because of getting the car repaired.

It took them 24 hours to get the repairs done, and there’s still some work that needs to get done on the car, but that stuff is mostly cosmetic. I’m going to be waiting until I can afford my own car, then take the housemate’s car (which I’ve been using to get to work) to a shop and ask them to fix EVERYTHING wrong with it. Luckily the car that I’m looking at, I can afford in about three months if I’m lucky. Or at least I’ll be able to pay 75% of it off in that time. The last little bit, I’ll be fine with a car payment for a bit, as long as my butt isn’t on the ground anymore (I really hate cars okay, I’d rather have a truck or SUV thank you).

So, travel videos (okay so there will be a camera being bought in there somewhere too), will be coming. There is a list in the process of being written up as I write this, places around the state that I want to explore first, places in nearby states, as long as it’s a short drive will happen too. Further trips will have to wait until I have vacation time at work. Next week I’m going to see about getting hired by the company and not the temp agency I’m going through. Was going to do it this week, but the brain is gone. Melted by the heat and stress of this weekend.

So I’m chilling now after getting some of the things I needed to get done done. By next week, my second cousin will have a gift heading her way for her graduation. I can’t be there in person and know that her mom said I didn’t have to, but I felt that what I’m sending her will be something that she can use for the next step in her life journey.

And yes trying to be vague about it until I know that she’s received the gift. I know that it took me until I was almost 40 to get into using them and seriously I love the items, so I’m hoping that she’ll enjoy it as well. I am a little bad about the items too. I have two of one of them, and five of the other, soon to be six because I’m looking at the site I ordered hers from and I’m really wanting to get another one. I’m going to behave for now though, only because I have enough to last me the rest of the summer.

Now that I’ve rambled for a bit, and have video game music blasting (Silent Hill, and Bioshock) in my earbuds, I”m going to chill a bit, play with the cat, and try to plan out the rest of my free time this week. Hopefully I’ll start getting into the swing of things soon so I can have more time to properly work on blog posts. There are a few stories I want to tell, and need the time to properly pen them. Or type as the case may be here? Either way I need time where I’m not running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off.

So! Wishing you, my readers, an excellent week filled with peace.

Jamatta ne! (Japanese – “see you later”)


Best laid plans…

Well I was going to do a post once a week here. As you can see I have already failed with that. Last week’s post ended up not being made because after sitting in front of a blinking screen for five hours I gave up. And this week, well I’m not posting the post that I really wanted to do.

I’m currently working a new job, Thursday was the second day of it and this job is more physical than the last one I worked, but I don’t come home feeling disgusting. Though, the down side, smelling hops all day really makes me crave a beer, and I don’t drink that often. I may have to break down and get some IPA.

Though until I get used to the whole new schedule I’m on, I’m going to be a little slow on posting here. I will be able to so more travel posts too! Already found a few places that I want to go around where I work. I might actually go deeper into the nearest city to the brewery I work at too. It will be weird though, I really don’t like going into big cities, hell I was all nerves the last time I had to drive into Phillidelphia. I didn’t take any pictures that time because, well I was there for jury duty so yeah… I didn’t think it would be a good time for that.

Anyway I know that I am rambling, blame it on writing this post after work when the two monsters I had are starting to fade. I will work on keeping with the posts I planned out, and I know that only once a week isn’t the best plan. It’s what’s going to have to be for a little bit.

Hope all of you have a great week. I’ll talk to you next Friday.


Welcome to the Pagoda…

So, the other day I went up to the Pagoda in Reading, Pennsylvania. I didn’t go in, only because the day was much too nice to go inside. My original reason to go up there? I admit, I was playing PokemonGo. Though, my walk resulted in no new pocket monsters, though I was able to level up my Natu buddy. Nanaki seemed to enjoy it as much as I did. Anyway, this post isn’t about my games.

I did try to point out good things, but this place review, is as honest as I can make it. I will do my best to always be honest with these posts, sometimes I may be brutally so.

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